All valves manufactured since our first year have been constructed utilizing heavy gauge stainless steel casting (316 s.s), EPDM rubber seals, high-grade stainless steel springs, shafts, and prevailing torque fasteners. (Our spring supplier also supplies N.A.S.A.)

We have added sealants designed to be used under water to both electrically insulate all mechanical parts from any possible corrosion caused by electrical currents generated within plastic as well as steel tanks. This sealant also acts to lock the sealing/diffusion cap prevailing torque nut to further assure mechanical integrity even under the very unusual conditions that have been encountered from time to time.

These valves are installed inside the water tank, thus eliminating any possibility of freezing under the coldest of conditions. (The tank operates as a heat source)

Further, the "Friend" costs significantly less to cast due to the simple patented design. You save money on the installation because of this design that allows the tank itself to be the mounting support which eliminates the cost of a separate mounting device. The valve is also self diffusing which eliminates that cost as well. This simple installation takes approximately twenty minutes thus saving labor costs.


FFE2525CF8M-F-2 1/2" Body
2 1/2" NPT-F fitting for hose connection into 2 1/2" body.

FFE2530CF8M-F-2 1/2" Body
3" NPT-F fitting for hose connection into
2 1/2" body.

FFE4030CF8M-F-4" Body
3" NNPT-F fitting for hose connection.
4" body.

FFE4040CF8M-F-4" Body
4" NNPT-F fitting for hose connection.
4" body.

FFE4050CF8M-M- 4" Body
5" NPT-M fitting for hose connection.
4" body.

Warranty Statement: From Fireman's Friend Engineering, Inc.

All of our valves are guaranteed for life. If there is any problem with any valve we will ship you a new valve. There is no restocking fee. You will only pay for shipping.

Sue Larson, President